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A Church for the Community Where Friendship and his Love Last Forever.


Our church is a unique merger of three congregations. At the time of the merger there were 500 people living in the area supporting a German Lutheran, a Methodist, and a Freewill Baptist Church.

On April 24, 1916, the three congregations voted to become one as members of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. They also voted to use the Baptist building, which was erected in 1868.

On September 18. 1988, the Fellowship Hall and Church School were rededicated to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the south portion of the complex. Like the church, this section has a unique story.

The train depot was the first church school building. It was sold by the railroad to the Ladies Aid for one dollar. On August 3,1951, the depot was moved to its present location where it is the row of church school classrooms.

The two structures remained separate until 1963 when the Fellowship Hall was added, joining the two building. Functions to raise money for this project were constant reminders of the spirit of cooperation and dedication that still characterize the congregation.

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